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Integrity Retirement Solutions is a full-service advisory firm focusing on financial planning aspects, including retirement planning, asset protection planning, and estate planning. Kevin and Jeanie Bock have been helping people retire well for over 30 years. Together, they founded Integrity Retirement Solutions, LLC — a name that conveys their belief in honest business and their solutions to handling more than just money.

Early in their careers, Kevin and Jeanie helped teach their clients about more effective ways to save for retirement. Over the years, their first clients grew older and needed to take on a different type of planning — one that protected what they worked hard for while still getting an opportunity for a fair return, instead of trying to get better growth along with more risk.

Integrity Retirement Solutions relies on a “referral-mainly” business, meaning we don’t need to advertise and we thrive from a referral network consisting of previous clients, social workers, personal care facilities, nursing homes, home care agencies, attorneys, CPAs, and others from the financial industry.

Over the past 30-plus years, we have found a common thread in most people’s planning. They have a money advisor, an insurance professional (or two), an attorney who wrote their wills, and an accountant or CPA who does their taxes, but when was the last time these advisors spoke to one another on your behalf? We coordinate ALL parts of an efficient retirement and estate plan. This is part of what we do to help set us apart from the rest!

Meet Our Team

Almost 90 years of experience…
Learn more about the Integrity Retirement team, including founding partners Kevin and Jeanie Bock!


Pillar Planning Process

Pillar Planning Process is how we bring it all together. This process covers the 6 key pillars toward a successful retirement. Find out what these key pillars are and what may be missing from your current plan!


Our Services

Estate planning, asset protection, and retirement strategies are just a taste of what we do. We offer a wide variety of financial services to help aid our clients’ retirement for the better.


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